MSNBC’s Wallace Alleges that Trump and Carlson Are Associating with a War-Time Adversary


    MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace claimed on Wednesday’s Deadline that former President Donald Trump and Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson have been “associating themselves” with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Wallace stated, “I want to put up this kind of axis of Putin, Trump, Tucker Carlson, because I think we have mistakenly thought that world events or tragedies or a red line or the slaughter of innocents or as Tony Blinken says, ‘the commission of war crimes,' that these things could be defrosted, they could be put on ice, but it is clear they are not. Tucker Carlson has been amplifying Russian disinformation: March 8, blamed America for Russia's war, March 12 far-right embrace of the bioweapon conspiracy theory as the bombs were falling on Mariupol and other Ukrainian cities. And then, on March 13, we learned that the Kremlin feels it is essential to feature Tucker Carlson. Have you ever covered one of the two American political parties associating themselves with an American adversary at a time of war?”

    Washington Post investigative journalist Carol Leonnig declared, “Almost never.”

    In discussing Putin, Wallace continued, “We know he sees what Tucker Carlson does every night, and he sees what Donald Trump sa[ys] and does every night.”

    She also asked former FBI Agent Peter Strzok, “Pete, understanding Putin's reliance on disinformation and sort of cherry-picking his inputs–you could imagine a scenario where he's not listening to his own advisers because he sees these very powerful, very advisable American voices like Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump have his back?”

    Strzok replied, “Well, I think that is very likely the case.”


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