Mulvaney Claims Mark Meadows’ West Wing was a Circus


    The former Trump White House chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, called his successor Mark Meadows “detached” and claimed he ran his West Wing like a “clown show” during the Wednesday broadcast on the CNN show “Tonight.”

    Mulvaney explained, “Mark seems to have been through a dark time. He appeared, according to Cassidy, disconnected from the job. I'm not sure if he was going through some occasion where he was unable to be involved. But I do think Mark may be in a bizarre situation. I'm guessing that in the event that he does testify, there is a possibility that he'll be forced to testify since he's not facing criminal charges yet, but a criminal referral to the Department of Justice. I'm guessing we'll see him rely on an examination under the Fifth Amendment more often than the other people.”

    Anchor Kasie Hunt asked “Do you think Mark Meadows betrayed the country with what we know now about his actions around January 6?”

    Mulvaney stated, “That case is being developed, but the proceedings aren't finished. There could be five or eight witnesses who appear and claim that Cassidy was lying under oath. I'll be mistaken in giving her the benefit of the doubt I've accumulated at this point. The investigation isn't over and we have to be patient and see it through to the very end. As the former chief of staff, I spotted certain aspects of Cassidy's testimony which truly scared me. It was the way that the West Wing was running. Or rather it was not running. It was chaos. It was a circus with people such as Rudy Giuliani and Lin Wood and Peter Navarro in the Oval Office with the intelligent people disengaged. It's the responsibility of Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, and John Kelly to ensure the West Wing is functioning properly since there are safeguards that are in place to ensure that things like the January 6th do not occur. This system began to unravel under the leadership of Mark Meadows. Although the President is the primary person accountable for the employees who he chooses to hire, the chief of staff is responsible for the burden of decision-making in the running of the office.”


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