Museums To Enforce Ban on Bags After Art Destroyed by Climate Extremist


    Museums throughout Europe are beginning to ban people from bringing bags into art galleries after several attacks were made on priceless works of art by climate extremists.

    Museums in Germany are seeking to enhance their security after an attack on Sunday where two climate extremists attached themselves to a dinosaur skeleton at the Natural History Museum in Berlin. Other museums are also trying to implement similar measures.

    Security searches and bans on jackets and bags are in place in Germany. Other countries, like Sweden, are also looking the possibility of new security protocols, broadcaster SVT explained.

    “In light of developments in recent weeks, we have increased our preparedness,” Gothenburg Museum of Art director Patrik Steorn said to the radio station.

    “Our collection has a high value in art historically and economically. When we have seen what has happened in the outside world, we have thought it is important to protect these works,” Steorn explained.

    Steorn was vocal about the continuing attacks on artwork by climate extremists, saying, “It’s a little difficult to understand why you should expose our common cultural heritage to this risk. We would rather see people trying to hook arms between social movements and museums to work together to raise awareness of climate issues.”

    A lot of the attacks on works of art have been carried out by members of the Just Stop Oil group, such as an attack against Vincent Van Gogh's “Sunflowers” in London which was covered in soup and an assault on “The Girl with a Pearl Earring” from the 17th-century by painter Johannes Vermeer, when an extremist glued his head to the artwork.

    Just Stop Oil is said to also have wealthy patrons such as Aileen Getty, a descendant of the former petroleum Magnate J. Paul Getty, who was once the most successful man on earth.

    The group has been involved in other types of protest in the past few weeks, such as blocking the bridge near London. Members of the group were blamed for having blood on their hands after two women were killed in auto collisions after being diverted from the bridge.


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