“My Son Hunter” Highlights How the Bidens Got Rich in China While Ignoring Uyghur Genocide


    The film My Son Hunter includes a scene in which the fictionalized Hunter Biden proudly tells of the million-dollar deals he made with Chinese businessmen, only to appear briefly distressed when reminded that Beijing was committing genocide while Hunter and his partners were bringing in millions.

    The story depicts Hunter making business deals with Ye Jianming, a successful Chinese oil tycoon and young “princeling” of the Chinese Communist Party that came to a bad ending after becoming an embarrassment for the Chinese regime in Beijing.

    In the film, and in reality, Hunter seemed untroubled by Ye's ties in The People's Liberation Army (PLA) and Chinese intelligence. The Biden scion was part of Ye's lavishly funded plan to build influential relationships within the United States, as extensively documented by Peter Schweizer in his best-selling publication Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win.  

    It is believed that the Biden family made billions in dealings with Ye and other shady Chinese businessmen, and facilitated deals both in China and the U.S. and abroad. Hunter, for instance, was a partner with a Chinese state-owned PLA-linked shipping firm that tried to acquire Greece’s national railway as a way to force Beijing's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) into Europe.

    My Son Hunter shows Ye building friendship and a business connection with Hunter. A superstar Chinese billionaire is enthralled by Hunter's propensity to earn massive six-figure wages and exorbitant consulting fees, despite being a failure and lacking pertinent business experience. Hunter claims sarcastically that his success is his “superpower,” which the film portrays as an ethereal Joe Biden floating around Hunter's business meetings, wearing an oversized superhero cape.

    The emails discovered on Hunter's “laptop from hell” shed new insight into Ye and the CEFC China Energy mega-corporation, along with information regarding Ye's involvement with China's Belt and Road Initiative.

    A couple of emails mentioned Hunter possibly taking on the chairmanship or vice-chairmanship in a joint venture with CEFC, which would come with perks like a salary of $850,000 and an enormous part of the equity in the new company. The email included the famous, though apparently not quite as well-known, statement that 10 percent of the equity would be “held by H for the Big Guy.”

    My Son Hunter often criticizes the corporate media for not looking into the specifics of these murky business deals, or the suspect references to different parties found in documents on Hunter's laptop. The film leaves viewers in no doubt as to the identity of “the Big Guy.”

    The movie depicts the beginning of the end for Ye Jianming, when a Peter Ho, a member of his organization, was arrested in 2017 by U.S. federal agents for a bribery scandal in Uganda. Ho called Hunter’s uncle James Biden right away for help; James Biden said Ho was really trying to call Hunter.

    The arrest brought about the rapid downfall of CEFC, which was declared bankrupt in 2020 after Chinese financial media revealed its finances as “a house of cards, precariously stacked on loans to cover loans.” Ye Jianming disappeared a few days after these reports began coming out.

    My Son Hunter also mentions Face++, part of a Chinese company called Megvii that made a system for monitoring the Uyghur people in great detail. Human rights activists have long denounced the surveillance state established in the Uyghur homeland of East Turkistan by China. The Chinese government refers to this area as the Xinjiang province. 

    Face++ caused a renewed uproar when it created a facial-recognition system that could identify individuals of Uyghur ethnicity, a capability that was supposed to be incorporated into a phone app that would help Chinese police monitor Uyghurs.

    Following the worldwide outrage, Megvii denied any cooperation in the development of the police phone application and claimed that it was the Face++ code detected within the app was placed there by the app's creators without involvement. Hunter Biden was linked to the scandal due to the fact that the Bohai Harvest investment firm was the owner of large portions of Face++, and at one point, promoted the app among its most prominent investment options.


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