Netanyahu Speaks Out Against Trump Giving Platform to Antisemitism


    Israeli PM-designate Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday on the NBC program “Meet the Press” that the former president Donald Trump was wrong for dining at his Mar-a-Lago residence with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes.

    Anchor Chuck Todd said, “You have a special relationship with the former president Trump. He has been known to flirt with certain fringe personalities who propagate this antisemitic stance and promote white nationalism, and things like that, and does not decry it. He's yet to speak out against Kanye West, in fact, is yet to acknowledge being involved in white supremacist movements a long time in the past. What is the reason Donald Trump is so prone to this problem?”

    Netanyahu said, “I don't know. First of all, President Trump is doing amazing initiatives for Jerusalem. He has moved the American Embassy there, and acknowledged our sovereignty over Jerusalem, and recognized our sovereignty in the Golan Heights. He escaped the Iran's deal that was disastrous that would have opened Iran's way by supplying gold. This is why he's accomplished these amazing things. I remain appreciative. In the case of Kanye West, and another guest who isn't acceptable, I'm convinced that it's wrong. I'm hoping that he can see his method of staying clear of it and rejecting the behavior.

    He continued, “You don't praise Hitler. What can you say to honor Hitler? He was the most prolific mass murderer ever. Anyone that praises his work is a fraud. Anyone who believes that he is legitimate is not right.”


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