Netflix Robbed: Thieves Steal $500K from ‘Lupin,’ ‘The Crown’ Sets


    Roughly 20 thieves throwing mortar fireworks held up the set of Lupin last week and stole an estimated $333,000 worth of equipment, according to a report by AFP. A day before that, more than $200,000 worth of props from The Crown set was stolen.

    The Lupin robbery occurred in a neighborhood in Nanterre, on the outskirts of Paris on February 25. Following a short hiatus, filming for the Netflix series resumed on Monday.

    “There was an incident on 25th February whilst filming the upcoming season of Lupin,” Netflix said in a statement. “Our cast and crew are safe and there were no injuries.”


    And on February 24, the Northern England-based production for The Crown had about $200,000 worth of props stolen from it.

    During the February 24 incident, a number of The Crown‘s vehicles were broken into and more than 350 items were taken, according to a report by Hollywood Reporter.


    Many of the items were reportedly “lavish props used to decorate the popular British royal family period drama, such as a replica Faberge egg and gold and silver candelabras.”

    “We can confirm the antiques have been stolen and we hope that they are found and returned safely,” a Netflix spokesman said in a statement. “Replacements will be sourced, there is no expectation that filming will be held up.”

    A day later, a Netflix representative confirmed that its Paris-based set for Lupin was also robbed — by roughly 20 thieves with covered faces, who broke onto the set throwing fireworks and stealing about $330,000 worth of equipment.

    Ironically, Lupin is a heist drama that stars French actor Omar Sy, who was reportedly on set at the time of the robbery.

    Both incidents are under investigation, but it remains unclear whether there is any connection between the two robberies.

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