New York City Prostitute Receives Long Sentence for Causing Death by Overdose


    Angelina Barini, 43, was sentenced on Tuesday to 30 years following her guilty plea last August “to two counts of distributing narcotics that caused the deaths of a person; one count of distributing fentanyl, methamphetamine, and cocaine; and one count of conspiring to distribute gamma-butyrolactone (GBL),” the Department of Justice (DOJ) stated in a press release. While acting as a prostitute, she provided drugs to four men, who later died from fatal overdoses.

    The deaths occurred in July and August of 2019, according to the Justice Department, and the victims were all males, WNYW reported. One of Barini’s narcotics victims was Andrea Zamperoni, an Italian-born cook, the chief chef of Cipriani Dolci in New York City's Grand Central Terminal, who was found dead on August 21.

    As per the DOJ, Barini offered narcotics to her victims to incapacitate them and strip them of their possessions when she was working as a prostitute. In multiple instances, the prescription drugs contained deadly doses of fentanyl. On July 4, 2019, Barini was with her first victim in a motel situated in Astoria, Queens, and gave him fentanyl-laced drugs. The victim died on the same day. On July 11, 2019, Barini met with another victim in a motel at Woodside, Queens, and gave him a fentanyl-laced drug, which led to his overdose death. On August 5, 2019, Barini met another victim in College Point, Queens, and gave him fentanyl-laced pills that resulted in his death due to an overdose.

    On the 18th of August, Barini met with her fourth victim, who was identified by WNYW as Zamperoni. At a motel situated in Elmhurst, Queens, the victim was injected with GBL, which is known as a “date rape” drug, according to the DOJ. Zamperoni didn't show up for work and was later found dead at the location, WNYW reported.

    “In the corner of the room, law enforcement authorities noticed what appeared to be a garbage can with bed linens stuffed inside and what appeared to be a bare human foot sticking out of the bed linens,” court papers said in the newspaper.

    The prostitute claimed her pimp would not permit her to speak with authorities, and they had discussed dismembering the body.

    The court papers state that during the investigation of the motel facility, investigators found “a purple liquid in a glass with powder at the top of the liquid and around the rim, glass pipes for smoking narcotics, bottles of bleach and bleach-covered towels, electronics, a power saw, and an empty suitcase,” WNYW stated. “Prosecutors said Barini admitted to providing the chef drugs and later admitted that her pimp gave the chef ‘liquid ecstasy.’”

    In the press release, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York Breon Peace stated that the defendant was a drug addict and killed several individuals for just a few dollars. The defendant stole their personal possessions as they lay in a state of unconsciousness from the lethal substances she had supplied them with. The defendant's lengthy prison sentence is justified because of her inhumane lack of concern for human life. “I hope that today's sentence will provide some comfort for the families of victims in addition to serving as a reminder for future perpetrators that there will be serious consequences for these horrendous crimes.”

    The New York Post spoke with Barini's older sister after the sentence was handed down. She was identified as Sally and said that the sentence was “a little harsh,” noting that she plans to appeal. “I believe that what didn't get considered was the fact that what transpired was wrong; however, the perpetrators were the ones who put themselves in the position. They were not saints. They went out with her. They were looking to party and also have a drink with her and engage in a sexual affair. It was not as if she held an assault weapon on someone's head and made them join her.”

    One of the victim's relatives spoke to the court before the sentencing hearing and called Barini's behavior unacceptable. According to the media outlet, the cousin said, “I understand she doesn't have a good history. I don't have a good history. It's no excuse. She killed four people… She deserves what she gets now.”


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