New York Democrats Would Support Andrew Cuomo in the Governor’s Race if He Ran


    Three-quarters of New York Democrats would support former Governor Andrew Cuomo in the event of his running for governor, in spite of the sexual-assault allegations that resulted in his resignation and the ongoing review of the undercounted nursing-home deaths that occurred during the coronavirus response while he was the state’s governor. Current Governor Kathy Hochul had a slight advantage over Cuomo (if the latter was to run), with the majority of New York Democrats saying they would vote for her. Hochul was Cuomo's lieutenant governor and was appointed to lead the state following his resignation in shame.

    If Cuomo does not enter the race, Hochul is expected to have 52 percent of the Democrats’ support, as compared to rivals Rep. Tom Suozzi (D-NY) with 11 percent support and New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams with 12 percent. If Cuomo decides to run, Suozzi would trail with 10 percent support and Williams with 7 percent.

    According to the poll, Hochul is rated with a 45-35 percent overall favorability rating and a 67-17 rating for favorability with her own party. Williams has a rating of 24-19 percent for favorability and a 40-13 percent rating with Democrats. Suozzi's rating of favorability is 20-18 percent and 25-16 percent for Democrats.

    Cuomo’s overall favorability rating ranges from a dismal 32 percent to 60 percent, but Democrats preferred him 50 percent to 42 percent. But when asked about Cuomo's next steps, nearly 67 percent responded that the former governor ought to “not run for governor in 2022,” and only 18 percent believed that he should participate as a candidate in his Democratic primary. Ten percent of respondents suggested he run as an independent candidate in November. Among those New York Democrats polled, more than half (54 percent) told him “don't run.” Thirty-three percent of them said it was appropriate to run in the primary, while eight percent suggested he should be an independent candidate.

    “Hochul has [a] 50-point net-positive favorability rating among Democrats, compared to Cuomo's eight-point net positive rating. More than half of Democrats don't want Cuomo to run for governor this year, and only one-third say he should run in the primary,” Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg said. “Despite all of that, Cuomo would be very involved in the event that he decides to get himself into the race.”

    Hochul and Cuomo “tied in New York City”: Hochul had the upper hand in the poll by eight percentage points in the downstate suburbs and 25 points in the upstate region, Greenberg explained. Cuomo was in a “two-to-one lead” with black Democrats; however, Hochul had a comparative advantage among white Democrats. Latinos are “closely divided.”

    “Interestingly, while Hochul leads among men by 15 points, she only leads with women by four points,” the pollster discovered.

    The poll was conducted between March 20-24, 2022, with 804 New York State registered voters. The range of error is +or- 4.2 percent.


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