New York Gov. Kathy Hochul Directed Supporters to Campaign Event Hours Before Failed Attack


    When Rep. Lee Zeldin (R) spoke at a political gathering at Fairport, New York, a man was reported to have rushed onto the stage with the intent to stabbing the speaker on Thursday night. It was fortunate that Zeldin was able to grasp his attacker's wrist for long enough for the other participants to intervene and take down the attacker.

    However, as GOP strategy director Arthur Schwartz and New York GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy pointed out, Hochul's campaign released an official press release minutes before the unsuccessful attack on Zeldin announcing the date and time of several of the Zeldin campaign's next events.

    Hochul said that Zeldin and his group would spread “dangerous lies, misinformation, and his far-right agenda at these campaign events.”

    “‘Big Lie' Lee and his entourage of extremists kick off the statewide ‘MAGA Republican' Bus Tour, which will make stops across the state peddling dangerous lies, misinformation, and his far-right agenda,” Hochul's statement read.

    The New York governor also claimed that Zeldin “will be joined by top anti-abortion advocates, NRA enthusiasts, and a cast of extremist groups.”

    Hochul pleaded with those who support her to “RSVP to hear about Zeldin's ‘Election Integrity Task Force,' and his recent election fraud scandal in which his campaign photocopied over 11,000 duplicate petition signatures.”

    “You sent your supporters after him. They came,” Schwartz tweeted.

    “Governor, you seemed to suggest there should have been vigilante violence by inaccurately describing that campaign event as filled with ‘far-right extremists,'” Andy Ngo tweeted. “That is the same language and dog whistle used by Antifa militants to urge comrades to injure or kill targets.”


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