New York Requests $500 Million to House Migrants


    The New York Post reported:

    “City Hall privately asked the White House for the emergency money midway through summer. They claimed it could only cover one year's expenses on the homeless people that Adams claims are stressing cities' shelter systems to “breaking point,” The Post has discovered.

    The request comes at a time when House Democratic lawmakers including Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D-NY) are pleading for an additional $500,000 to be allocated for “New York City and other safe-haven cities.”

    The cities' requests for funding illustrate how Washington's immigration policies give executives, investors from the coast, and landlords a re-imported flow of low-wage employees and high-occupancy renters.

    The federal immigration policies offer federal assistance to the poor migrants living in lower-wage, high-rent economies.

    The influx of immigrants and aid from the government helps business elites by pushing up the cost of housing and reducing ordinary Americans' pocketbook wage and disposable income.

    The impact on the economy of the migration process is exemplified by California. This massive inflow from California has raised the state's population by approximately 33 percent. It also has significantly intensified competition for housing amid the growing inequality in economics as well as drug addiction and homelessness.

    In California, the median price of a house is $725,000, according to This is three and a half times more than the price it was in the year 2020. 

    The same trend is taking place in other places too. For instance, rent is quite expensive in New York partly because the local elite is awash with protection for, welcomes to, and provides a subsidy to illegal immigrants at the expense of regular New Yorkers.

    This self-serving and egotistical support of the Extraction Movement is justified by the elites of society who propagate the 1950s myth that the United States is somehow a “Nation of Immigrants.”

    Federally-funded migration can help reduce the amount of investment by corporations in worker productivity across the nation and also discourage coastal investors from hiring new Americans in the heartland states.

    Biden's administration has increased the number of immigrants who have made asylum claims to remain here in the United States by up to 750,000, according to the Washington Post.

    They are concentrated within just a few coastal states.

    About 408,000 migrants (54 percent) of the 750,000 live within the four states comprising California, New York, Texas and Florida although the states only comprise 34 percent of the country's population, in the report published on Sept. 26 article from the Washington Post.

    “The largest remaining groups are mostly awaiting hearings in courts in blue states such as New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Maryland, though some are waiting for hearings at courts in red states,” the Post said.

    The lawful Visa-worker programmes are biased toward states that are coastal and this is reducing motivation to Silicon Valley to invest in heartland states. 

    The GOP lawmakers are beginning to understand how the government-funded movement to coastal states helps wealthy residents in those states, and redirects private investments that could otherwise be shared with citizens within their states. 

    The Biden administration needs to look for ways to stop immigration “instead of asking for more money for more people to come,” Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (W.Va.) as the most senior Republican who is in charge of DHS's budget declared on Tuesday. “So yeah, I got a problem with that.”

    However, funneling money into needy border areas is a source of anger for many Republicans who prefer that President Joe Biden return to some of the immigration policies of his predecessors including the construction of a border wall and requiring asylum seekers to stay in Mexico as their claims are being reviewed, as well as imposing pandemic-related restrictions more rigorously.

    “It's not the answer to our immigration problem, it's not just more money,” Rob Portman (Ohio) who is the most powerful Republican member of the Senate panel that supervises the DHS’s urgent funding drive.

    Capito's West Virginia gets little private sector investment due to the pipelines fed by the federal government transporting foreign workers to California as well as New York.

    However, this GOP opposition is precisely timed.

    Biden's deputies sworn in are in need of the money to run their Northside transportation systems, which are used to transport economically disadvantaged people across the border to their workplaces or apartments located in American cities.

    In September 15th, 10 Democratic senators urged Capito as well as other lawmakers who sit on the appropriations committees to ensure that the pipeline for migrants is operating:

    “The funds allocated for FY 22 [which expires on the 1st of October] are rapidly being reduced and without full-year funding, the grantees in the programme are trying to figure out how they can keep providing vital services to this group of people. Organizations and communities are on the front lines of helping migrants who are crossing our borders and resources are stretched to the limit when they assume the task of performing an official federal task. The funding they receive is crucial because more cities across the United States receive refugees and asylum applicants.”

    Any additional federal expenditures would be channeled to various cities by increasing budgets in departments like Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as well as The Department of Health and Human Services. A large portion of the funds flow from the DHS to progressive organizations through agreements through federal agencies. 

    The northside smuggling operation — as well as the record amount of deaths among migrants, have been largely left out of the mainstream media.

    The corporate policy of the United States leaves many Americans unaware about the magnitude of Biden's mass immigration; however, they are also covered by the media wringing their hands about the alleged suffering of immigrants who were transported to the elite play area in Martha's Vineyard.

    If the GOP remains firm, they are likely to gain concessions from Democrats Pro-migration leaders including Senator. Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

    However, those concessions might be beneficial to the GOP's business supporters and not the millions of Americans affected by being marginalized due to the mainstream's preference for non-complaining immigrants and renters.

    A lot of progressives are competing to show their support for movement of people which makes their children and themselves poorer: “Blue areas are already dealing with a large proportion of migrants who are seeking asylum and have for a long time,” wrote the writer of the Washington Post who shared the numbers which show the unbalanced distribution of immigrants.

    Yet, very few progressives admit the effects of immigration on the macroeconomics.


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