Newly Sworn in California School Board Eliminates Critical Race Theory


    The southern California school district in the state of California voted to end Critical Race Theory (CRT) at the school board's inaugural meeting.

    California's Temecula Valley Unified School District was able to pass a vote of 3-2 against CRT shortly after a majority of conservatives had been elected.

    The resolution prohibiting Critical Race Theory stated:

    “The TVUSD desires to uplift and unite students by not imposing the responsibility of historical transgressions in the past and instead will engage students of all cultures in age-appropriate critical thinking that helps students navigate the past, present, and future.”

    It condemned the racism of its members and the board also condemned CRT as “an ideology based on false assumptions about the United States of America and its population.”

    “Critical Race Theory or other similar frameworks will not be used as a source to guide how topics related to race will be taught,” the board said.

    Additionally, the resolution specifically prohibited some of the principal theories such as:

    “The term “racism” refers to racial discrimination, and power, a notion which is frequently employed to claim it is (i) only people who are classified to be “white” people can be racist, since it is only “white” people control society and (ii) those belonging to minority ethnic groups cannot be considered racist since they do not influence the society.”

    The resolution also prohibits the other theories that are part of this theory including the belief that “Racism is ordinary and the usual way society operates” and “The voice-of-color thesis is the idea that minorities are better placed to discuss race and racism.

    The board's resolution also banned certain teachings such as the notion that people, as a consequence of race or gender, could have the potential to be “inherently racist or sexist,” or “a member of either an oppressor or an oppressed class.”

    It also prohibits the notion that a person “should be discriminated against or receive favorable treatment on the basis of race or sex,” and that they have “responsibility for past actions committed by other members of the same group,” or that they “should feel guilty or discomforted on the basis of race or sex.”


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