NFL to Seek Indefinite Suspension for Deshaun Watson


    A report by Andrew Beaton of the Wall Street Journal on Saturday claimed that the NFL is seeking an “indefinite suspension that would last no shorter than one year.”

    The indefinite part of the punishment reportedly sought is a sign of the league's desire to be flexible should additional legal proceedings against Watson be brought.

    March 2023 is the deadline of two years that the law sets for the addition of any further lawsuits.

    As per the Journal, the NFL's argument against Watson will be centered around five instances in which the league believes that they have ample and convincing facts about Watson's “disturbing pattern of behavior.”

    The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) will defend Watson and challenge the discipline in the manner they are legally required to , ProFootballTalk reports.

    The Browns signed Watson to a five-year contract worth $230 million this offseason. If the Journal's story about the NFL's planned discipline is true and implemented, Watson will be unable to play for at least one year of the contract. However, it is believed by some to be the case that Cleveland signed Watson in the belief that he would be out at the very least one year.


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