No Mainstream Media Interview for Biden in More than 100 Days


    Officially, President Biden has been away for more than 100 days without any interviews with the mainstream media. In the intervening period, a myriad of issues and discussions have engulfed the nation and the globe.

    Biden's last interview with the media occurred on Feb. 10, alongside Lester Holt of NBC. It was his last interview with a journalist of the mainstream press in 2022. The interview was conducted just two weeks before Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

    Holt and Biden talked about many topics: Democratic governors and state coronavirus laws. They also discussed issues like “tense standoff” between Russia and Ukraine in the early days, as well as the turbulent withdrawal from Afghanistan, inflation and a host of other issues.

    Biden's only interviews since then were two casual chats Heather Cox Richardson (historian) and Brian Tyler Cohen (progressive YouTube host).

    Concha saidvthat 2022 is an election year and Democrats face a devastating November, based on recent polls.

    Biden's first year as president saw him do far fewer interviews with the media than previous presidents. The trend continues throughout his second year. According to the data of Towson's White House Transition project, Biden has only conducted 23 interviews with the media from January 20-21 through April 29 2022. This is in contrast to Donald Trump's 95 interviews.

    Jen Psaki, former White House Press Secretary, frequently denied the accusations that Biden doesn't do enough interviews. She cited the impromptu questions he frequently receives from reporters each day. These conversations that are spontaneous with journalists rarely afford the president an opportunity to respond to follow-up questions in the same way that the sit-down interview might.

    Biden has been confronted with major issues since his last appearance on the news. The most prominent of these are the conflict between Ukraine and Russia and record inflation, as well as the looming concerns of a recession and the escalating crisis at the border.

    Biden's media blackout featured a second report on the publication of an opinion of the majority that could overturn Roe V. Wade. An official memo released by the Department of Homeland Security warns of the possibility of violence breaking out in the event that the controversial abortion decision is ruled invalid.

    Legacy media outlets who have covered his son Hunter Biden's tax matters are also looking into Biden’s information.

    Biden's comments to journalists, especially his off-the-cuff remarks, are still a main discussion point. It is worth noting that the White House quickly rebuffed the announcement made by the president in March, stating that Russian president Vladimir Putin could not remain in office.

    The president made headlines in the last month, in which he talked about “the old days” where he ate in a group with “real segregationists”, while being critical of the lack of unity in Capitol Hill.

    The article, “Biden goes more than 100 Days without a Mainstream Media Interview” originally appeared via Conservative Research Group.



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