No Masks for Hollywood Elites at Met Gala, While NYC Children Still Must Mask


    The night progressed and stars from Bradley Cooper to Alicia Keys were seen walking into the party unmasked, while photographers and security guards watched from behind their masks.

    In attendance were Met Gala co-chair Lin-Manuel Miranda, billionaire Tesla Founder Elon Musk, pop singer Billie Eilish, and CBS late-night host James Corden.

    In a nod to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the mayor of NYC, Eric Adams, wore an ensemble that came with an important political message: “End Gun Violence.”

    Although Adams removed the masks for the majority of the students in New York on March 7, the “indoor mask mandate is still active for LYFE, EarlyLearn (Infants & Toddlers), 3-K, Pre-K, and 4410 classrooms,” according to the New York City department of Education. “Children two years old and older, and all staff in these classrooms, must continue to wear a face covering indoors.”

    In reality, the city's coronavirus regulations are so severe that leftists in The New Yorker took notice in the latest article: “Why Are Preschoolers Subject to the Strictest COVID Rules in New York City?”

    There was never a consensus regarding covid protocols for very young children. Prior to this, the C.D.C. suggested indoor masking anyone who is two years old or older in schools, which includes older children who have not been vaccinated. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, masking for “all persons who are years old or over when the community level risk is deemed to be ‘high.'

    However, the World Health Organization does not recommend the use of masks for children five or younger, and mask requirements in certain European Union countries, including France, Spain, and Italy begin at six.

    In an anonymous statement, a furious New York City parent told Breitbart News the Met Gala spectacle was “unconscionable.”

    “Masking children is unconscionable when adults, who make the rules and claim moral authority, are congregating within inches of each other, for hours at a time,” the parent claimed. “Parents in America have got to wake up. We have to demand that schools, and officials both elected and unelected, stop the wholesale physical and emotional abuse of our children.”

    The Met Gala went full steam ahead, just hours after health officials from the city transferred the city from low risk to moderate-risk.

    “New York City Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan announced the city is now in the yellow zone, or a ‘medium' risk category, under a color-coded system introduced by Mayor Eric Adams' administration in March,” reported Chalkbeat. “The announcement noted that New York City has surpassed a rate of 200 COVID cases per 100,000 people over seven days.”

    Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan also said this move will mean residents of New York “must exercise even greater caution than they have the last few weeks.”


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