No New Facts on How Colorado Shooter Got Gun


    On Monday's “CNN Tonight,” Sen. John Hickenlooper (D-CO) admitted that he does not “have any real facts” regarding how the shooter at a nightclub in Colorado Springs was able to get a firearm in spite of Red flags in the state of Colorado; however, he said there must be “a new and higher level” for red flag laws.

    Host Alisyn Camerota said, “Senator, explain why Colorado's red flag laws didn't stop someone like that from having guns.”

    Hickenlooper said, “Well, I don't have any actual facts. I was informed today that the sheriff of the road in Colorado Springs said that -at the time that the red flag legislation became law — he would not enforce it. They've had the least amount of enforcement in any other community across the country. This brings into question: how can we make these laws effective? It's easy to make them law. However, the community must be convinced of these laws. They must embrace them. It shouldn't be an issue of political division. We're way past the point that we are able to tolerate this type of political corruption, where people make an issue of politics out of something that has cost lives of those who are out having a good time on a Saturday night.”

    Camerota then asked “I mean, one of the issues that I believe we've seen this happen during the Highland Park shooting case, as well, and also in Illinois -is that it's dependent on family members to bring charges, when it is relying on the family members to tell that the suspect should be sent to prison, it's not working. So Senator, what's the solution to protect the people in the state you represent?”

    Hickenlooper said, “I think that we have to set a new and higher level for red flag laws, where you have to have some institutional framework by which the community can — if someone has clearly demonstrated that they are liable to go off the rails…we have to make sure people like that don't have access to guns, and if they do have guns, we take them away.”


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