No Skit on Classified Documents, But SNL Hits George Santos Hard


    On the first episode of the new year, NBC late-night comedy Saturday Night Live barely mentioned Joe Biden's growing classified documents scandal and going all-in to make fun of new Rep. George Santos (R-NY).

    SNL hasn't seen a new episode since December 17, and when it returned this weekend with its new season the show's panel decided that Biden's growing document scandal was not as relevant as the situation with Santos who was elected in November before it was revealed that he had fabricated and embellished major parts of his own life story.

    In fact, not only did the program completely disregard Biden's illegal possession of classified documents, but the president himself gave a charming recorded appearance to aid in the opening monologue.

    Biden's document scandal made brief appearances on the broadcast's “Weekend Update” faux-news segment featuring Michael Che, who joked that one of the documents found inside Biden's Delaware home included “Barack Obama's real birth certificate” — which Biden was said to have “hidden in a copy of Black Tail Magazine.” Colin Jost followed up that joke by suggesting that Hillary Clinton — who was declared by the FBI to have illegally stored classified emails while she was Secretary of State — has been vindicated by Trump as well as Biden who are accused of the same crime.

    However, even though”the “Weekend Update” devoted less than one minute to Biden's documents scandal — and without attacking Biden in the process, the program devoted at the very minimum 5 minutes to discussing Santos and more trivial issues — with a few humorous remarks from the hosts as well as from actor Bowen Yang doing an impersonation.

    “The Weekend Update” appearance was actually Yang's second appearance on the show as George Santos in the night's broadcast.

    During the cold opening, he presented Santos as the Fox Sports correspondent who lied about his credentials to gain an opportunity to become reporter for the sports media, then changing into drag to dispel claims that Santos was a drag-show queen from Brazil.

    Additionally, Biden was widely applauded by the crowd as he was featured in a short pre-recorded clip during host Aubrey Plaza's opening monologue where Biden congratulated her on being named “the most famous person from Delaware.”

    The Santos scandals are prone to low-quality jokes, and his Long Island district's proximity to the Manhattan-based NBC writers helps explain SNL's obsession with him over more important politicians such as Biden. With only a handful of Republicans supporting him, the decision to mock the blundering congressman in the face of an uncooperative Commander-in-Chief demonstrates how SNL goes about shaming the powerful. If the target is a Democrat, there is no way that silly or gaffes can stir the current generation of sketch writers and their imaginations.


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