Noem: Newsweek Contributor Hanania’s Tweet Warning Fewer Abortions Means More Down Syndrome Babies ‘Evil’


    Following a Supreme Court decision not to block Texas' abortion law earlier this week, some members of the media condemned the decision.

    Newsweek's Richard Hanania took it as far as saying red states with abortion limitations in places could see a dramatic increase in babies with Down Syndrome.

    During an appearance on FNC's “Fox & Friends” on Saturday, Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD), who signed a bill earlier this year banning abortions for a Down Syndrome diagnosis, slammed Hanania for his remarks, warning they normalized a discussion that would suggest every life is not precious.

    “[T]hat tweet — I hope people realize that it really was evil in what it did,” she said. “It normalizes — it's starting to normalize a conversation that some people just aren't acceptable. And we've seen that throughout history where people have started discussions and started to eliminate whole groups of people. And we need to make sure that we stand against that. There are some countries in Europe that have really eliminated Down Syndrome individuals and babies, and that's why South Dakota wanted to take a stand against eugenics. Every single life is precious.”

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