Non-Citizens Can No Longer Vote in NYC


New York City has been long regarded as the best place to go when you're looking to change your life. From actors and dancers to musicians and tradesmen, everyone is in NYC or LA to make their goals become reality. Many immigrants go to these cities to chase their goals.

Dreams of liberty, freedom, and the desire to have an individual voice. But, those who are illegally in the United States are not granted an opportunity to cast their vote. This changed in NYC at the end of December 2021 due to “Our City, Our Voice” bill, which then-mayor Bill de Blasio refused to sign. The bill was signed automatically in January 2022 and took effect without de Blasio's signature.

The new Staten Island judge's ruling has changed that and 800,000 people who are not citizens aren't permitted to vote on the public advocate, mayor, and other city posts for the next election. Judge Ralph Porzio's decision has been a smack to those who were enthralled about the legislation.

“The New York State Constitution specifically lays out the basis to ensure that only legitimate citizens have the right to vote. This court believes that, by not explicitly mentioning non-citizens within the New York State Constitution, it was the intention of the drafters for non-citizens to be excluded. While voting is a privilege which many citizens are accustomed to, citizens of the City of New York cannot ‘obviate' the restrictions set on it by Constitutional law.”

A ruling like this one is an important victory for Republicans all over the world. City Council minority leader Joseph Borelli issued a statement about the ruling , pointing to the bipartisan nature behind the stand against allowing non-citizens to vote. He also highlighted the way this law united people across boundaries to voice their opinions against the law.

“Today's decision is a victory for those of us who are able to understand the simple English language from our state constitution as well as state statutes: The practice of voting by non-citizens in the state of New York is illegal, and shame on those who believed they could circumvent the law to benefit political purposes. Opposition to this law was bipartisan, and it spanned many ethnic and neighborhood lines, yet progressives decided to ignore our constitution and public opinion to achieve their agendas.”

In the past, it has been the citizens of the United States who were allowed to vote on matters like the presidency of the United States, just as only citizens of the US can be a candidate for the presidency. These rules and laws are in place to protect the integrity and honesty of the American government that is managed by and for the American citizens. Legal immigrants aren't only permitted, but even encouraged to vote and be candidates for most office but aren't allowed to being hold other positions.

The ban on voting for non-citizens at all in NYC elections is among the most effective rulings that have been made from NY in a long period of time. With the always-present Democratic management and constant appeal to those complaining and ranting about the system, instead of seeking to implement change that is legitimate, this has turned the whole state into an unintentional mess.

Citizens are aware of it. However, because of similar benefits, the Democrats attempt to shower non-citizens with votes of gratitude, and permit them to vote, which may alter the direction of the elections in the city. The manipulation of the voting system in this manner would not only be new, but could destroy the country in the entire interior. The Democrats have been trying to achieve this. So why are they relying on non-citizens to support their cause right now?


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