Occupy Democrats: Force Unvaccinated to ‘Pay Out of Pocket’ for Hospital Treatment if They Catch Coronavirus


    “BREAKING: Illinois introduces a bill to force unvaccinated residents to pay out of pocket for their hospital treatment if they catch COVID, saying that they ‘must assume the risk' and ‘take responsibility' for their carelessness,” the progressive organization stated this week, asking followers to retweet if they believe their state should do the same.

    “If you're a Democrat who supports the bill that Illinois just filed to force the unvaccinated to pay for their own hospitalization costs out of pocket, and are looking for the latest breaking news, please retweet and follow our account to be immediately notified when we tweet!” it added:

    Indeed, this week Illinois state Rep. Jonathon Carroll filed HB 4259, which would “require them [the unvaccinated] to cover medical costs associated with contracting the virus, even if they have health insurance,” as NBC Chicago reported.

    However, Carroll issued a statement Thursday on his Facebook page saying he has “decided not to pursue this legislation” after receiving feedback and after giving the matter “further reflection.” Carroll said:

    Due to the unintended divisive nature of HB4259, I've decided not to pursue this legislation. Based on feedback and further reflection, we need to heal as a country and work together on common-sense solutions to put the pandemic behind us. Since taking office, I've always tried to have civil discourse with those who've disagreed with me. However, violent threats made against me, my family and my staff are reprehensible. I hope we can return to a more positive discourse on public health, especially when it comes to this pandemic that has tired us all.

    These are far from the only individuals openly bragging about the prospect of discriminating against the unvaccinated. In August, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) announced the city's vaccine passport program, the Key to NYC Pass, which requires certain businesses, including indoor restaurants, entertainment venues, and fitness centers, to discriminate against the unvaccinated.

    “It's time for people to see vaccination as literally necessary to living a good and full and healthy life,” he said, bragging about the vaccine passport system.

    He took that a step further on Monday, announcing that the vaccine passport system would now apply to children ages 5-11.

    “This is something that is going to keep kids safe and families safe. Go get your child vaccinated. As long as they've gotten that first dose by December 14, they can continue to participate [in] indoor dining, entertainment, all these great things,” he said, issuing an ultimatum to parents.

    He added that his vaccine passport program should be emulate in other parts of the country as well.

    “It's the one thing that has worked every single time across the board on a strategic level. It's the reason New York City is back in so many ways, and it's the reason we can avoid shutdowns and restrictions,” de Blasio said.

    “[It] needs to be more,” he said of the program, adding it “should be used in more and more places.”


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