Off-Duty EMT Saves Choking Toddler


    A mother began shouting that her daughter, who was three years old, was choking and Dannielle Binns, who has worked as an EMT at Western Area Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES) and TLC for many years, acted immediately, reported Saturday.

    Binns recalls, “The mom was standing up and the child was slumping out of her chair. I knew I needed to go over there and help the child for this mother.”

    When she grabbed hold of the child who was turning blue, she delivered the child a series of blows, and the child spit out the cheese that was trapped in her airway.

    Children who are younger than five are at most risk of suffering a choking injury or even death, according to the New York State website.

    “The most common cause of nonfatal choking in young children is food,” the site stated.

    While Binns assisted the child, a neighbor called for help.

    “You have to make sure someone calls 911,” said Binns who is also a teacher for Split Rock Elementary School in Camillus. “It was good that my friend was right there and called 911. It was a good team effort.”

    Thanks to Binns, the child was breathing and talking when paramedics arrived and the family accompanied the girl to a hospital for her to be examined.

    In what appears to be her official social media account, Binns referred to the incident and wrote, “Glad we were at the right place at the right time. MOST importantly community CPR is soo important!!” Then she urged other people to take classes.

    Her efforts were praised by her friends with one commenting, “Great job. God puts his human angels in the right places and the right times. He did that tonight.”

    “So awesome. Thankfully Danielle was there and saved her life,” another person said.


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