Off-Duty Firefighter Catches Baby Falling out of Burning Home


    The firefighters arrived at the home located on Norton Street early that morning to find dark smoke and fire shooting out of the rear of the house, NBC Boston reported.

    The fire started on the back porch. It then spread onto the upper floors, finally getting to the roof, Boston Fire Department officials explained.

    Authorities have shared photos of teams trying to put out the fire from the outside of the home that was damaged:

    Officials have said that a firefighter off duty who is a resident of the same building was there to save a baby after the mother dropped the baby from the second floor window in a bid to save the life of the child.

    A few minutes later, the mother also leapt out of the window.

    NBC's Michael Rosenfield shared a picture of the entire family, including the baby girl who is one year old.

    Following this incident, the volunteer was given praise for his action, according to WCVB.

    “The fact that he went to the spot that the baby was in, which was also where the woman was, was remarkable that he could get there so quickly as was possible given the conditions of fire around and the smoke inside the space where the mother was sitting with the infant. The fact that he arrived in time, and then she dropped the infant down on his lap,” said Commissioner Paul Burke of the Boston Fire Department.

    The infant was reported to be in good health following the incident. But her parents were admitted to the hospital for treatment. Seven other children were evacuated, according to CBS Boston.

    “One of those situations. You get early in the day and you're unsure of what's going on and, as I said, he made a lot of quick decisions, and they were all good choices,” firefighter Brian Alkins spoke of the rescuer who returned to his home to help his family to safety.


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