One Mother’s Love for Abortionists Shows What Life Really Looks Like


    It is believed that the Democratic Party believes that any child who has a disability should not be born and never experience the world. The belief that children who have disabilities should be aborted is such that they advise women to abort their babies after a condition is identified. In their logic, they do prefer not to see a family burdened by having to take care of a child who has disabilities. Liberals think that a person should contribute to society or else they should not be permitted to live.

    However, it's not the liberals with a raunchy streak who get to decide. Michelle and Michael Bower found out that their infant daughter, Lacey Grace Bower, was suffering from spina Bifida. The doctors advised the parents they had to abort their child due to the condition in her body.

    The agony of hearing doctors tell parents to end the life of a child because the child is handicapped violates every oath these doctors took to protect life at every cost. The Bower family resisted the doctors and have thrived. Lacey Grace is learning to walk and uses wheelchairs, defying the logic of murderous doctors.

    The mother of Lacey stated that “We met with the doctor right after the scan and heard the words ‘neural tube defect', ‘lemon-shaped head' and ‘Spina Bifida’ to describe our daughter for the first time.” The language the doctors used was cold and empty of meaning. The news came as a shock for family members of the Bower family. It affected them emotionally but not enough to convince them to choose death instead of life.

    Lacey’s condition is that she's paralyzed below her waist. She'll require assistance to perform the most basic tasks in life. If the initial announcement was not enough for them, they were also told that the spine could be an issue that could affect the other aspects of the child's growth. Yet, despite all of the negative information that didn't stop the parents from deciding to live a normal life for their baby girl.

    Mrs. Bowers stated after the announcement: “We were just finding out that we were expecting an infant girl on the same day. We had always wanted to have a girl. It was a race from highest of highs, to lowest of lows in less than 24 hours. It was an absolute and total nightmare, yet we believed in the possibility of recovery. We had to believe that it was a less severe version of the disease until we could get more tests completed.”

    When the doctors told the couple about how serious the situation was, they were informed that an abortion was the best way to manage the issue. For both parents, abortion was not an alternative. They were shocked to hear doctors speak of murdering their newborn girl due to an underlying physical problem. This was a family that loved their child and nothing could break them apart.

    The couple was also informed that their child had a gap in her back, where the spine could be clearly seen. An operation is required to seal the hole.

    The Democrats would have killed the child by now in the story. If they were in control of the health system and had the power to do so, they could have refused the couple the procedure due to the fact that it would have been too expensive. These issues could become a reality when Biden succeeds in getting his agenda in place in America.

    The journey to birth is long and difficult for this particular family. Over time, Lacey has gained a lot of knowledge and has far exceeded what was expected by the physicians who were determined to end her life. No doctor will ever admit they were wrong. They'll simply forget the mistake then move onto the next issue.

    Abortion is not the only crime that Democrats claim to be able to legally justify. However, just because liberals can legally murder a child, doesn’t guarantee that it's ethically or morally acceptable. The Bower family had to make a difficult choice, but at the end of the day, they discovered that life is more worthwhile than the burden of living with the decision to kill their infant daughter.


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