Oz Declares Fetterman Cares More About Criminals than Citizens


    As Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor, Fetterman has led the state to become far more radical.  Since his election in 2019, the five-person board headed by Fetterman has suggested the minimum of 46 commutes to Gov. Tom Wolfe (D). The first time Wolfe served as governor, just before Fetterman was elected lieutenant governor, the board had only six recommendations according to reports in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Additionally, Fetterman previously stated that law-abiding Pennsylvanians aren't any less secure when the state eliminated its prisons by a third.

    “He seems to value the positions of the criminals above the innocent, which again far-left radicals tend to do, but this goes beyond that,” Oz said to Breitbart News Saturday host, Matthew Boyle.

    “Not only does he want to release one-third of all prisoners, saying it wouldn't make a difference, but he wants to legalize all drugs, wants to have heroin injection sites,” and “he wants an open border,” Oz said. Oz made reference to Fetterman's request for safety injection facilities in Philadelphia in the year 2018.

    The famous doctor also emphasized the city's high overdose and murder rate, calling the Kensington neighborhood as an “open-air drug market.”

    “Homicide rates in Philadelphia — highest they've ever been,” Oz said. “Fentanyl overdose rate — Philadelphia is the epicenter of the nation at the moment. We're third in the nation in Pennsylvania. We also have open-air drug stores that are bigger than most other cities, including in Kensington which is a part of Philadelphia in which you are unable to walk for miles after blocks. There are zombies who have needles hanging from the bodies of their victims, while law enforcement has been instructed to get off the street.”

    “In fact, that's sort of been the message overall from John Fetterman,” Oz added. “He's not a fan of law enforcement because of their challenges in performing their job. When I received the endorsement of the police's fraternal order It was unanimous. Do you know how difficult that is? Everyone voted for me since John Fetterman was against them many times and caused them to suffer so much and nobody's entering the force at the moment. There is lawlessness throughout several parts of Pennsylvania. We are not going to accept that policy in Washington. This will only make things worse for the whole country.”

    In this interview, Oz said that although Fetterman has finally stated that he'll debate after repeatedly skipping debates in the past, the Democrat hasn't come up with a formal proposal according to what Breitbart News‘ Hannah Bleau observed in great detail. Fetterman declared that he will appear to debate “sometime in the middle to end of October,” however, early voting will be in full swing by that time. The day before, Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen called for Fetterman to debate Oz prior to mail-in voting beginning on September 19.


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