Patient with Brain Tumor Living 6 Years After Terminal Diagnosis


    He was diagnosed with glioblastoma in 2016 and suffered seizures and doctors discovered there was a tumor that was the size of a golf ball inside the brain of the patient, KHOU reported Monday.

    Glioblastoma is described as a severe form of cancer found within the spinal cord or brain. It may occur at any age and cause nausea, vomiting, seizures, and headaches.

    “Glioblastoma is also known by the name of glioblastoma multiforme, is difficult to treat, and often a cure is impossible. Treatments can slow the progression of the cancer and may reduce symptoms and signs” The Mayo Clinic's site stated.

    While the typical prognosis is 14-24 months “They informed me that I would be dead in two months. At the time, I was 29,” Lemus recalled.

    This was six years ago and since then, he's endured three surgeries, as well as all treatment options for cancer that are available to him.

    The young man's doctor said that there was no cure however, he also said it was a “miracle.”

    Dr. Jay-Jiguang Zhu of UTHealth Houston/Memorial Hermann said the condition was apparent in the MRI. Thus, medical experts did not declare it to be in remission.

    Zhu added that a positive attitude and support from top doctors are also an important element of the journey.

    “I'm extremely proud and grateful to God for giving me the privilege of sharing his glory, and providing hope to people facing similar circumstances, the same way my friend was there for me. All glory goes to God,” Lemus wrote in a recent post on social media.

    In the last couple of years, Lemus went on with his life. He married, purchased an apartment, and took a decision to switch to a different career route.

    “To me, it's 100 percent God. My God's mystery has been my God,” Lemus told KHOU. “Honestly I'm grateful to God for each day. The first thing I do after I get up, and the final thing I do prior to going to bed is thank God for the day.”


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