Patron in Nightclub Shooting Subdued Shooter


    As more details are disclosed regarding the manner in which the Club Q shooting suspect was subdued, a variety of media outlets have reported that a patron took the suspect's gun and afterwards “hit him with it.”

    Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers (R) said “one of the customers took a handgun from the gunman and hit him with it.”

    The New York Times noted the same thing, and cited Suthers observation that the person who took the gun sat on the shooter’s back to hold him until the police arrived.

    Suthers stated, “It was quite something.”


    He continued, “It happened quite quickly.”

    Breitbart News reported that 911 calls about shootings at Club Q started coming in around midnight on Saturday. Five victims were killed and 18 were wounded during the incident.

    Colorado Springs police made it clear that they could not claim that all 18 wounded victims were shot, which suggests that there was a possibility that some were injured by other means while trying to escape.

    It soon became clear that the suspect in the shooting was a 22-year-old man who was involved in a confrontation with police in 2021 following allegedly threatening his mother with a homemade bomb. 

    Club Q praised the patrons who acted quickly by saying, “Club Q is devastated by the depraved violence against our neighborhood. Our prayers as well as thoughts go out to the victims , their family members and loved ones. We appreciate the quick responses of the brave customers who stopped the gunman and put an end to the hateful attack.”


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