Pelosi Praises House Democrats in Farewell Letter


    In her last letter as speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stated that House Democrats represent one of the “greatest collections of intellect, integrity and imagination assembled.”

    “One final thought that I wanted to leave with you is my belief that the House Democratic Caucus is the greatest collection of intellect, integrity and imagination assembled for the good of the American people,” she addressed in her last letter to her colleagues from both parties on Monday night.

    In expressing the “appreciation” she had for the “high honor bestowed upon [her] by House Democrats” in allowing her to serve as Speaker of House, she added:

    “In the 117th Congress, President Biden along with Congressional Democrats have presented an outstanding concept of justice and equity for everyone. Together, we've been working hard to incorporate this ideal into our legislative initiatives. We all can take great satisfaction from our accomplishments towards this goal, which is creating a significant impact on our lives as American citizens.”

    “For the 118th Congress,I am confident that the current House Democratic Leadership composed of Hakeem, Katherine, and Pete will be even more successful by remaining true to our shared goal to preserve our beloved Democracy For The People.”

    “We are grateful for your thoughtful wishes to Paul. We send you and your family members our heartfelt wishes to you and your loved ones for a happy, healthy New Year!”

    The Democrats lost their tiny majority of seats in the House in the midterm 2022 elections after Republicans gained a few seats. This week, the Republican majority of the House will be sworn in to the House and stop the Democrats ruling as a one-party state within Washington, DC, and ultimately end Pelosi's tenure as speaker.


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