Pence Calls on Trump to Apologize for Dinner With Fuentes and West


    The former Vice-President Mike Pence said Monday on NewsNation’s show “On Balance” that former President Donald Trump should apologize for eating lunch at his Mar-a-Lago residence with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes.

    Pence declared, “President Trump was wrong to allow white nationalists or an antisemite Holocaust denier a place in the dining room. And I believe that he should be apologizing for it and should condemn those people and their hateful statements without the slightest hesitation.”

    He added, “With that being said, as I have pointed out in the book, too I don't think Donald Trump is an antisemite. I don't think he's a bigot or racist. I wouldn't have been his vice president if he were. You know that people tend to forget that the president's daughter was converted to Judaism and his son-in-law is a fervent Jew and his children also happen to be Jewish.”

    Pence said, “So you know, it was an attack of a broad brush the media hurled at him, however I believe the president exhibited a profoundly flawed judgment when he gave those people an opportunity to sit in the dining room. As I've said, I believe he ought to apologize for his actions. It is best to denounce them without reservation.”


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