Pentagon: If China supports Russia in Ukraine, there will ‘likely be consequences’


    During a Pentagon background briefing, a senior U.S. defense officer stated that China could choose to support Russia materially in the war.

    The official said that China had given tacit support to Russia's actions by refusing sanctions. He also claimed that the West and United States were responsible for providing assistance to Ukraine. However, they did not do anything to help achieve peace.

    The official refused to give details about the consequences.

    The Financial Times reported Monday, that the U.S. had informed allies that China has “signaled its willingness” to offer military assistance to Russia following Moscow's request for surface-to-air missiles and drones, as well as intelligence-related equipment and logistic and support vehicles.

    According to the report, “officials who are familiar with American diplomatic cables” were cited. According to the officials, the U.S. didn't provide its allies with intelligence that underpinned its assessments.

    According to a Reuters report, the U.S. cable stated that China was likely to reject those plans. A U.S. official said to Reuters that China was considering those requests. “It is real, it's consequential and it's really alarming.”

    The Chinese Embassy denied knowing of any Russian request and Russia denied making such a request.

    These leaks occurred as Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser, was about to meet Yang Jiechi Rome, Chinese Foreign Minister.

    The White House stated that Sullivan had raised a number of issues in the U.S. China relations and there was substantial discussion about Russia's war on Ukraine.

    Reporters were told by a senior administration official that China's alignment is concerning. The national security advisor was clear about these concerns and the possible consequences.

    According to the official, Sullivan had described Yang “the unity and support of the United States and its allies…in bringing down Russia's actions.”

    The State Department warned Beijing not to help Moscow.

    Ned Price, State Department Press Secretary, said Monday that “We are closely watching the extent to which [People's Republic of China] and any other country in the world provide support, material economic, financial or rhetorical, to this war of choices that President Putin is waging.” Both privately and publicly, we have made it clear to Beijing that any support of this nature would result in sanctions.

    This is not the first time that the U.S. has asked Beijing for help with Russia.

    The New York Times reported that senior officials from the Biden Administration met with Chinese officials in an urgent meeting. They presented intelligence about Russia's troop buildup in Ukraine and tried to persuade the Chinese not to invade.

    According to the Times, the Chinese not only rejected the Americans, but also shared the information with Moscow. They told the Russians that the U.S. was trying to create discord and that China would never try to stop Russian plans and actions.

    “It's fine to talk to our enemies, but it's foolish to believe that somehow we're going to convince the Chinese not to go to their allies — Russia — and say, ‘The Americans know where you troops are, so why invade?',” Robert O'Brien , former Trump administration National Security Adviser, recently stated to a small group of reporters at Capitol Hill, before meeting with members of the Republican Study Committee.

    “It was perhaps a bit naive to think that we would get assistance from the Chinese in this matter. He said that China is sending fighter planes into Taiwan's air defense identification zone at the same moment as this is happening. It was quite surprising.

    Breitbart News was told by O'Brien that Putin wouldn't have invaded Ukraine if he didn't have the support of Xi.

    “Putin and Xi met at the Olympics. They talked about it, there's no doubt. China is buying oil from Russia and building pipelines. They basically tell the Russians that if you are cut off from the West they don't worry. You have access to China's market.

    They are certainly supporting Russia. They would also like to see Russia take Ukraine as a precedent to allow them to take Taiwan. He said that China must be extremely tough.”


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