Peter Navarro Is Already Threatening to Impeach Biden if the GOP Retakes the House and White House in Upcoming Elections


    Former Trump advisor and trade adviser Peter Navarro said Thursday on MSNBC's “The Beat” that he “will lead the charge” to impeach President Joe Biden should Republicans take control of Congress and the White House during the 2022 and 2024 elections. He stated, “What we're talking about right now, Ari, is the case law itself as well as its constitutionality, executive privilege, witness or immunity. Another issue that is central to this case concerns the division of power. The committee, the Kangaroo Committee, clearly violated the separation between powers. They're not allowed to serve as judges, jurors, or executioners. They're only required to perform an administrative function.”

    He added, “Let me do this scenario for you. If it's ruled by the courts that a sitting in office, or a president who is incumbent, has the power to remove his immediate predecessor from executive privilege, and also all of the aides to him of immunity from testimony, what do you think will happen…in 2022 if the Republicans get back control of the House and when there is a Republican president, such as Donald Trump,…in the White House in 2024? Do you agree? The executive privilege and the testimonial immunity will end in the way we currently know it. The presidential decision-making process will end in the way we have it now.”

    In a discussion of the lawsuit that Navarro brought against the January 6 committee, host Ari Melber said, “You claim, quote, ‘If an incumbent is able to remove a predecessor from privilege, think about what might be the fate of Biden and his advisors should Republicans prevail [in] the 2024 election? If I'm alive or in jail, I'll be leading the campaign.’ What do you mean by threatening? Do you suggest that you'd be in the Republican White House? What would you do?”

    Navarro replied, “You bet your ass that I'll be leading the battle. I'll go with Adam Schiff and Jamie Raskin and Nancy Pelosi and all of the kangaroos and clowns. I'll bring Biden and every senior staff member. I'll issue them subpoenas. We'll begin with the impeachment process of Biden for Ukraine as well as the southern border as well as all sorts of other crimes Biden is accused of.”


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