‘We are strangling their economy” – Former CIA Director on Russian state of affairs


    David Petraeus, former Director of the CIA, spoke out on Sunday about the ongoing Russian invasion in Ukraine.

    John Catsimatidis of New York WABC-770 AM radio's “The Cats Roundtable” said that Petraeus had told John Catsimatidis that everyone was “losing” because of the war. He pointed out Russia, which he claimed was headed toward recession due to the United States' “strangling” economy.

    “The Russians are losing, because we are strangling the economy. The rest of the world is separating from various Russian imports and exports. Their financial system has been disconnected from SWIFT. The central bank reserves have been frozen. It's going to put the Russian economy in a severe recession very quickly and in a large proportion. It is not clear if they can replace their losses quickly.

    He said, “On the battlefield, the Ukrainian troops continue to stymie Russian forces.” “They show a vastly superior fighting spirit and fighting capability despite the differences in large weapons systems and air forces, and other equipment problems. They are effectively holding Kyiv's Russians at bay. The Russians' main goal is to seize the capital and replace President Zelensky's government. This is a noble objective. His own description of himself as truly Churchillian has not been exaggerated. He wants to replace the government with a pro Russian one. It's beginning to look like John, I don’t know if the Russians will be able to surround Kyiv at this time. “The Russians continue to pay a heavy price for military incompetence by the Ukrainians.”


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