Pizza Hut Reading Program Promotes Book about Boy in Drag


    Book IT! is a program for reading, run by the pizza chain, is designed for kids from preschool up to sixth grade, or from 4 to 12. The program offers a free one-topping pizza when they can meet the monthly reading goals. Big Wig was a book featured through the reading camp program for the summer. 

    The book Big Wig is a “wonderful read-aloud [that] celebrates the universal childhood experience of dressing up and the confidence that comes with putting on a costume,” the reading program says on the website.

    Simon & Schuster, which published the book about drag on its website, said it “[i]n the spirit of Julian Is a Mermaid, this irrepressible picture book celebrates drag kids, individuality, and self-confidence from the perspective of a fabulous wig!” Julian Is a Mermaid is another children's book written in 2018 and features transgender undertones.

    The books that were marketed alongside Big Wig as part of the summer reading program were more books that have LGBT in the theme in time for Pride Month, which is celebrated by the left in June. Be Amazing, written by Desmond Napoles, is about “the history of the LGBTQ community,” the Macmillan website, who released the novel, states. According to Breitbart News' John Nolte wrote in 2018 Napoles, who was 11, was captured in an New York gay bar dressed in drag and dancing in the presence of an audience of adults.

    The other book that was promoted for Pride Month can be found in Perfectly Pegasus, also published by Simon & Shuster.

    On the Book It! website, Big Wig and Perfectly Pegasus are specifically targeted at youngsters in the pre-K-to-third grade The other, Be Amazing, is directed towards kids in the first grade.

    Jonathan Hillman, who proudly advertises his book on Twitter and celebrated the book's being selected to be part of The Pizza Hut reading program, says that the book was his “grew up doing Book It!”

    The book has, however, received backlash from Conservatives who say the book's sexually provocative undertones as a result of telling a story about a man dressed in drag.

    Pizza Hut joins a growing list of major companies that promote LGBT themes with children, such as The Walt Disney Company, which has been criticized by Americans regarding its policy of advertising explicit LGBT themes for children.


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