Police and Bystander Save People from Crash Near Supreme Court


    The United States Capitol Police stated that around 10 pm Saturday, a Volkswagen Jetta drove through traffic cones and crashed into vehicle barriers near the Supreme Court building, WTOP News reported. The vehicle then caught fire.

    “Drivers in the area pulled over and exited their vehicles to help. A citizen and a Supreme Court Police Officer pulled the female driver and the male passenger away from the burning Volkswagen Jetta,” Capitol Police described in a press release.

    As emergency personnel arrived, firefighters put out the fire and took the driver and the passenger to the hospital for minor injuries.

    In a tweet Saturday afternoon, Capitol Police shared images of the scene which included the car that was charred and the place where it crashed into the barrier

    Authorities have said that the driver Zoe Williams, 22 may be facing charges including being under the influence, and driving an unregistered vehicle.

    Capitol Police said the agency's goal was to safeguard Congress members, staff, as well as visitors and facilities “so it can fulfill its constitutional and legislative responsibilities in a safe, secure and open environment.”

    Cars often catch on fire during an accident. A fire following a collision was deemed to be the most risky since the people inside the car might be hurt according to Acko.com.

    “Getting out of the car is critical if a vehicle catches fire after an accident,” the website said and advised that people get out of the car, and help others get to safety, and then seek help from emergency personnel.

    “The fire department will be able to control the fire quickly, and the traffic police will alert the oncoming traffic about the hazard ahead,” the site said.


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