Poll: Nearly 70 Percent of Americans Say Omicron Variant Does Not Warrant Mandates


    As European countries have placed additional restrictions on individual freedoms to supposedly combat the omicron variant, 69 percent of Americans opposed enhanced mandates and restrictions. Thirty percent said more mandates and restrictions are needed.

    Among Democrats, 54 percent say the omicron variant does not warrant more mandates, while 45 percent say it does.

    When Republicans were asked, 86 percent opposed additional omicron mandates. Thirteen percent support increased mandates on individual liberty.

    Independents also found themselves opposing mandates by a significant margin. Sixty-seven percent opposed increased mandates and 33 percent support them.

    Americans' opposition to omicron mandates and restrictions comes as Italy implemented stricter measures on Wednesday. In addition to possessing a vaccine passport, the nation announced all travelers, including the vaccinated, would have to get tested for the coronavirus.

    Italy also will force unvaccinated travelers to quarantine for ten days regardless of infection status as the UK considers tightening its rules even further.

    But not all European nations agree with Italy's policies. Some countries “want to see more science-based data on the new strain before taking a decision on the proposals,” Bloomberg reported.

    The European Council President Charles Michel on Tuesday called a summit to comprehensively address the omicron variant.

    “Coordination of our measures, based on the best available scientific evidence, is critical, notably in order to preserve mobility,” Michel said.

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