Prayer Warriors at the March for Life Are Verbally Accosted by Pro-Abortion Activist: “Praise Jesus for Abortion”


    Pro-lifers were greeted with blasphemous insults and screaming when they prayed during the 50th anniversary of the March for Life on Friday.

    While a number of pro-lifers were kneeling and praying, one young woman came close to them and yelled, “Praise Jesus for abortion!” Breitbart News‘ Matthew Perdie captured the incident on camera.

    “Praise Jesus for abortion. Praise only fake, white Jesus for abortion,” she screamed repeatedly.

    Pro-lifers who held a sign that read “Life Always Wins” continued to pray, despite the young woman's repeated comments concerning Jesus and abortion.

    “Not very holy of you, not very Christian of you, huh?” she stated when an advocate for life attempted to stand between her and the prayer group. She then pulled out a whistle and began to blow it repeatedly.

    “You know not everybody’s Christian, right? You know not everyone believes in Jesus, right?” she taunted.

    Despite her insults and snarky remarks, the pro-lifers continued to pray the Lord's Prayer, for the unborn children who suffered the loss of life due to abortion, in support of the Supreme Court, and for President Joe Biden.

    March for Life describes itself as “the largest annual human rights demonstration in the world,” and has been gathering ever since the Supreme Court handed down its Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, which declared a presumed “right” to abortion. The group claims that even with Roe being tossed out, “the necessary work to build a culture of life in the United States of America is not finished.”

    “Rather, it is focused differently. Sadly, the number of abortions annually is still well over 900,000 each year, and that number is expected to decrease only by roughly 200,000 each year in a post-Roe America,” the group states. “Many national legislative battles loom, including even keeping longstanding Hyde protections, which limit government funding for abortion on annual appropriation bills.”

    March for Life continues:

    “The Hyde Amendment has saved over 2 million lives and is arguably the most impactful pro-life policy in our nation’s history, but now cannot be taken for granted. Last, our most important work is changing hearts and minds. The goal of the national March for Life is to not only change laws at the state and federal level, but to change the culture to ultimately make abortion unthinkable.”

    The website reads: “With the role of the states being more important, we are also growing a strong state March for Life initiative quickly; however, we will continue to march every January at the national level until a culture of life is restored in the United States of America.”


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