Pro-Abortion Advocates Climb Crane in D.C. To Demand Action


    The incident occurred on the 1500 block between North Capitol Street and P Street, NBC 4 reported.

    The Women's March declared on Twitter that the “Summer of Rage is just starting” in protest of the Supreme Court's ruling on Roe v. Wade on Friday.

    “This team of activists, all from states such as Florida, Texas, and Michigan, states Biden needs to secure for re-election, will scale a crane in Washington D.C. to send the President a clear message: we will not go back,” the organization said via a news release according to ABC 7.

    Women's March's managing director, Tamika Middelton, demanded president Joe Biden “take some definitive action to support and protect abortion access,” she said to NBC 4.

    While the group demands that Biden adopt executive action, Biden insisted in his address on Friday that Americans recognize the right to abortion in their constitution when choosing Democrats during the midterm elections of November.

    The Women’s March ominous statement has not been truly clarified: “Our summer of rage has just begun,” it added, in a vague manner, “We'll see you in the streets.”

    “Since the decision came out, the Department of Homeland Security intelligence has reportedly notified law enforcement, first responders and private sector partners nationwide of potential domestic violence extremist activity in response to the news,” the U.S. Sun reported.

    A similar act was carried out Friday afternoon, just minutes following the time Dobbs V. Jackson Women's Health Organization was announced, by pro-abortion activist Gudo Reichstadter. He went on the Fredrick Douglass bridge to protest the ruling.

    Reichstadter ignited a flare at the top of the bridge and brought traffic to a stop. He also put an oath on the bridge, which read “don't tread on my uterus,” ABC 7 reported.

    The man was detained immediately following falling, as according to the New York Post reported.


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