Prosecutors Open Federal Court Trial Against Clinton Lawyer Michael Sussmann by Exposing His Plans for the 2016 “October Surprise”


    During the opening of the federal court trial in Washington, DC, prosecutors claimed that Michael Sussmann planned an “October surprise” as part of his Russia-hoax story. Michael Sussmann, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential-campaign lawyer, is being tried for lying to the FBI by claiming that he was sharing “information” about Donald Trump’s associations with Russia as a private citizen. The Alfa Bank theory he peddled was soon debunked.

    Special Counsel John Durham’s first jury trial following his appointment by former Attorney General Bill Barr commenced Tuesday, with the prosecution alleging that a well-known cyber expert who had connections to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign had planned to “create an ‘October surprise' on the eve of a presidential election.”

    In their opening arguments, Durham's attorneys concentrated on the September 19, 2016, discussion between Sussmann and then FBI General Counsel James Baker, who is expected to be called as an official witness for the trial. At the time of the meeting, prosecutors claimed Sussmann tried to set the stage for a plan to help his two clients, including Technology Director Rodney Joffe and the Clinton campaign. However, Sussmann's defense reacted with their first salvo: “You think Mr. Sussmann would throw his career away, his life away, to tell a lie to that guy,” they asked the jury, in reference to Baker.

    A list of top-profile witnesses will appear in court this week, including former Clinton campaign Director Robby Mook and Democrat Attorney Marc Elias, who arranged for the investigation that led to the flimsy Russia “dossier” in 2016.


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