Protester Ties Herself to Net During French Open Men’s Semi Final


    Doomsday prophecies predicting “the end being near” were not common in the past, and seldom were they a reality, but today they're popular with the most cutting-edge climate activists. On Friday, in the third set of the French Open tennis tournament, Norway's Casper Ruud led Croatia's Marin Cilic 4-1. The match was then paused for 15 minutes. As Ruud was set serving, he was stunned as a “climate activist,” that is a brainwashed lunatic, was spotted on court, and tied one of her legs to the net in order to save the planet, or something.

    A few days prior the incident, an additional “climate activist”, at the Paris's Louvre sat in a wheelchair and attempted to break the thick glass hich safeguarded Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. In lieu of breaking it using a gun, the man chose to decorate the glass using cake.

    In the French Open, the protester was observed sitting stone-faced in front of the net. Tennis players returned to their locker rooms until they were back to normal.

    “We have 1028 days left” -an environmental protest that refers to the previous IPCC

    This woman was dressed in a white T-shirt that had the English message “We Have 1028 Days Left” printed on the front. The incident happened on June 3, 2016 this means that the end of the world due to global warming is scheduled to take place on Thursday, March 27, 2025. And I'm not afraid to tell you that I am giddy. In fact, it was in January of 2019 when the wise Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-Ditzville) declared that the end of the world was in 12 years. That will give us eight and a half years. It's only three years until March 2025. How did we lose so much time?

    Science is getting more alarmist and frighteningly apocalyptic. The Washington Post reported on May 20th that the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change declared that global emissions must reach a low level by 2025 to prevent devastating effects.

    The Washington Post admitted that scientists are driven insane by the hyperbole. Climate hysteria originates from the reckless dissemination of false scientific theories. However, “activists”, such as the French Open girl, dismiss anyone who attempts to convince her that she is insane and refer to them as “right-wing nuts”. They are also unaware that their heroes are able to make it inland in the event of flooding.

    The French Tennis Federation laconically said it was “the young French woman of French citizenship entered these grounds with an earlier morning's ticket.” 

    However, it is likely that it will happen again, and in the event that it doesn't happen, in the case of Casper Ruud, then to another person — perhaps Mona Lisa. We have just 1,028 days to go — that's 1,027 today — and just look at how many internal combustion engines are still ruining the planet! The time to go back to the Stone Age is slipping away so quickly. It's also the right moment to spare a whole generation from this bizarre and unsubstantial climate mania.


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