Radical Abortion Activists Pledging Violence


    In a letter open to the public and sent to pro-life organizations all over the country, Jane's Revenge took ownership for the acts of vandalism and violence at pregnancy care centers across the nation and promised to increase their tactics if prolifers continue activities as they normally do. The group said:

    Your 30 days are over. We gave you a decent solution. You could have walked off. The leash is now removed. We will try to make it as difficult as we can for your campaign of oppression to go on. We've demonstrated over the last month how simple and enjoyable it is to take on. We're a lot of things. We are unpredictable and we are accountable to no one other than ourselves.

    In announcing “increasingly drastic measures” without providing any specifics, the group stated that it will target these facilities covertly until financial and insurance supporters “realize you are a bad investment.” The manifesto went on to say:

    From now on the anti-choice organization that shuts its doors and ceases to operate, is no longer an option. However, until you make that decision then, you're open to attack and we'll know the location of your operations. The infrastructure of enslavers won't last long. We are not going to stop, slow down, or retreat.

    After acknowledging the “joy” it finds in creating such destruction, Jane's Revenge concluded its declaration by calling its followers and urging them to decide for themselves in their own hands whenever they choose:

    And for allies of ours who question the authenticity of these communications and actions: there's the possibility of getting the proof you need to prove that these actions really are authentic. Do one yourself. You're already a part of us. Anyone who has the desire to paint or cut, to burn or to jam: this is the perfect time.

    The alarming threat of terrorism inside the country  has prompted Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R) to ask Attorney General Merrick Garland to initiate an investigation.

    According to LifeNews, there have been up to 59 instances that involve “pro-abortion violence and intimidation” and have been documented since the release of Supreme Court draft decision that is aimed at overturning Roe in v. Wade. Catholic Vote has also documented up to 23 instances in which there were “attacks on pregnancy centers and pro-life groups” during the same period of time.


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