Rams’ Aaron Donald Wildly Hits Bengals Player With Helmet


    During the joint practice with the Bengals Thursday, L.A. Rams’ Aaron Donald began using a helmet as a weapon. 

    The incident was reported by TMZ and it happened just before the end of the practice in Cincinnati.

     A video of Donald's shows him getting caught in a fight at midfield. He took a helmet and began swiping it at his adversaries.

    The video also demonstrates that he came hit things with the headgear weapon.

    Following some heated debates, other Rams players seemed to calm Donald down, and the fight was over.

    Bengals Coach Zac Taylor described the incident as just a “scuffle” but noted that the practice was ended at that point.

    “It just got a little scuffle-y. And so, we just called it,” Taylor said.

    The Rams star could face discipline from the league, however there is no information that has been received from the league officials regarding the incident.


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