Raphael Warnock Receives Hefty Donations from San Francisco


    Political donors who are well-off in the city where Nancy Pelosi grew up recognize that local elections are surefire for Democrats. So, they prefer to make donations elsewhere, hoping to help those Democrats in swing states and districts.

    As per The San Francisco Chronicle, the “campaign to beat Herschel Walker” is earning cash from local donors.

    Over 700 city residents have made donations to Senator Warnock's campaign for reelection against Walker with 200 more donations than the second-highest federal candidate. The senator has received about $600,000 from donations. He has received the second highest amount of money given, second only to the campaign of Alex Padilla to hold his Senate seat that represents California.

    More than 45 percent of the people who gave to Warnock made a donation at least three times, while 80 San Franciscans contributed more than two thousand dollars to Warnock's campaign as per FEC figures beginning January. 1, 2021 to June. Warnock was also able to receive $2 million for his 2020 campaign from San Francisco's residents.

    It's not only San Francisco, The rest of the Bay Area is also paying close attention to the Warnock campaign against Walker. Information from OpenSecrets, an organization that examines FEC filings which shows that the most prominent businesses where Warnock contributors are employed are located on the Bay Area — from tech giants such as Apple as well as Google's subsidiary company Alphabet, to schools like Stanford and the campuses that are part of University of California.

    The liberal activists of San Francisco also participate in races that are out of state and outside district through organizations like Swing Left and Sister District. Rep. Josh Harder (D-CA) defeated incumbent Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA) in 2018, largely through these efforts, which enabled left-wingers and their supporters to play a major role in the traditionally conservatism-oriented Central Valley district.


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