Raskin Claims No Contradictions to Hutchinson Testimony


    Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said Wednesday on MSNBC's ” The Last Word” that during the House Select Committee investigation into January 6, 2021, he has “not seen anything that has contradicted” any statement made by the former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson.

    When asked about the committee's decision to subpoena the former White House counsel Pat Cipollone, Raskin said, “We were just hearing yesterday of Cassidy Hutchinson, undoubtedly he knew all about the events that took place with the armed supporters of the president within the crowd, and the creation of a mob who gathered at the Capitol in an attempt to disrupt the count of the electoral college vote. Therefore, as White House counsel, he has lots to share with us.”

    O'Donnell stated, “Did he say anything in his discussion with the committee back in April that contradicts anything we heard from Cassidy Hutchinson yesterday?”

    Raskin stated, “I can't reveal anything regarding private conversations between anyone and the committee right now, however, when something is in the process of being revealed then you'll be aware of it clearly. If it's pertinent and important, I believe we'll make it public. It's just a matter of I've never observed anything that contradicts in the public record the words Cassidy Hutchinson said. There are anonymously-sourced accusations about the words someone says or might be saying. This is very different from swearing under oath but contradicting the allegations. She was a completely trustworthy witness who was extremely candid before the committee. However, if anyone has different interpretations of certain instances or events, I'd like to hear about them too. But no one has disputed the primary evidence that was released this morning. Donald Trump knew that he had armed supporters within the crowd. They, in actual fact, would have wanted to let them into the area and dismantle the metal detector to ensure they could blend into the other crowd members and increase the number of people in the crowd prior to the march to the Capital. No one has refuted this. This to me is the most important fact that we have learned today.”

    O'Donnell stated, “You showed additional witnesses on the video today stating they were aware Donald Trump wanted to go to the Capitol on the 6th of January. One witness knew about it before the 6th of January. Another was aware of it as early as the 6th of January. Are there witnesses who testified, saying that the reverse is true? If not, then I'm sure Donald Trump did not want to visit the Capitol on January 6, 2017.”

    Raskin stated, “No. I've seen numerous accounts of him wanting to be a part of it. Of course, he stated that he would participate in the event. He stated that he planned to join the rally. We'll walk towards the Capital and then we'll go to the Capital and I will be with you.”

    He further stated, “Now we have so much more to prove that he was not just the one who incited the uprising, but actually played a role in helping to organize the mob to stage the march, and also to organize the entire event to march. “


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