Raskin Claims the January 6 Committee is Always Receiving New Evidence


    Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said on MSNBC's special coverage on the hearings on January 6 House Select Committee hearings, that the investigation was receiving a “constant infusion of new evidence.”

    Raskin claimed, “We have really been affected by the continuous flow of evidence when new witnesses appear. I can tell you that at least in the area of the issue I'm working on along with Congresswoman Murphy there's lots of new evidence I'm checking through this week. “

    When the question was put to the members of Congress who want to pardon the then-President Donald Trump, Raskin said, “The pardon power is corrupted when it's removed from the Department of Justice, and it's just transformed into an instrument to support Trump's will to govern, or the president's corruption in the political arena. What we saw in general today was the president attempting to control his own Department of Justice and his own staff. Keep in mind, these are the people whom he appointed. They are not radical deep state people. These were his people. The demands he made were so outrageous that they would not agree with the request. He tried to subordinate them and make them an instrument to help him in his corrupt political agenda in his plans to overthrow the government.”


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