Raskin Claims to be in Trump’s Head


    Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said Wednesday, on MSNBC's “All In”, that after conducting an investigation into former President Donald J. Trump's conduct during his 2020 presidential campaign, the congressman had “entered so much in Donald Trump's head” that it is possible to see the future actions of the former president due to Donald Trump's “real blood thirst for power.”

    Anchor Chris Hayes said, “It remains awe inspiring to me at the magnitude and scope of the different attempts like the information you and your team showed regarding the phone calls to legislators of the state and the daily calls and the voice messages, it wasn't just a flurry of straws. You know? There was no temper tantrum. Did you realize how organized the entire process was, how vast, and how you can tell how targeted the entire process was prior to beginning an investigation?”

    Raskin declared, “Well, I had an inkling that it was since he didn't leave a stone unturned. Within the slow, outdated Electoral College system there are plenty of hidden nooks and crevices, and the potential for a bad actor such as Donald Trump to plant many booby traps. It's exactly the way he went about it. I was thinking about trying to figure out the different decision points and points of intersection inside the Electoral College, and sure enough there was a man in every one of them, seeking to get his way and to override that of voters and replace it with his personal political preferences.”

    He said, “It is sort of surprising when you take a step back and examine it. Probably the most shocking thing in my case is that I've gotten into Donald Trump's mind and that I know precisely where he's likely to go in his next step. He has a blood-lust for power.”


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