Raskin Says Trump Unleashed Monsters


    Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said on Monday's MSNBC's “Deadline ” that former President Donald Trump unleashed racism, authoritarianism , and neo-fascism in America.

    Anchor Nicolle Wallace stated, “My next question, I'm sure the media is in a tizzy. Everyone is focused on Criminal referrals. The person that is your most significant commitment to tell the truth that has an effect on what the committee was able to accomplish. The school we attended taught us about how fragile our democracy actually was. We heard from people who were republicans for a lifetime who testified to the truth of that story. What do you think is the most important thing individuals learn from the substance of this committee's report?”

    Raskin stated, “Well, I think it's a great approach to look at the issue. We're able to get up, and, you know, read the Constitution. We can also talk about the fundamentals that are in the Constitution and democracy as well as rules of law, but America has a story to tell of the people fighting to build a more perfect union. Every generation has had to fight to make America better and, in the beginning, like everyone else, as a slave state; however, today, we are still and even more so with Donald Trump at large, the most multi-racial, democratic, multi-ethnic democracy in the world. It is still a wonder to the world. However, we must persevere in forming a better union in order to continue making progress in the right direction, because Donald Trump has unleashed a number of the worst of the evils of the past century against us. The racists, the authoritarians as well as neo-fascism. All these are present. Therefore, Americans must be working hard to defend our democracy as well as to ensure that it continues to grow as democracy is constantly improving.”


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