Rep. Bowman (D-NY) Argues That Having More Police Officers in Schools Only Supports the “School-to-Prison Pipeline”


    On Thursday's episode of the show “MSNBC Prime,” Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) said that “when there are more police in schools, because of the explicit and implicit racism that still exists within law enforcement that we don't deal with consistently, black and brown kids are going to continue to suffer and we're going to continue to support the school-to-prison pipeline.” As well, solutions such as prohibiting assault rifles are something that should be considered.

    Bowman declared, “I can talk about the time I was the dean of students prior to becoming a principal. And the police would constantly target my students. In the wake of their misbehavior. However, they targeted the students with more vigor…due to their race, whether either brown or black. For me, I was forced to stand toe-to-toe [in] the middle of my pupils and the police to prevent the police from detaining my students. Unfortunately, the more police officers in schools due to the implicit and explicit discrimination against minorities that is still a part of police forces that we do not tackle regularly, brown and black students will continue to suffer, and we'll continue to promote the pipeline from school to prison. There are other options that must be considered in this regard: a ban on assault rifles, increased mental health services for children as well as more education support overall for teachers and a better understanding of recognizing warning signs that are being raised within our classrooms. However, not more police officers or more guns. Republicans are wrong time and again.”


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