Rep. Darrell Issa: Congress Must Probe the Big Tech and Media Collusion in Shutting Down the Hunter Biden Story Before the Election


    Rep. Darrell Issa (R.CA) recently said, “Tonight, I'm calling to have a Congressional inquiry into how big tech and mainstream media colluded with the Democrat Industrial Complex to suppress the Hunter Biden scams–and during those last days of [the] 2020 election.”

    The New York Post reported about Hunter Biden's laptop for the first time in October 2020, just weeks prior to the election. His laptop revealed Hunter's involvement with lucrative overseas business deals.

    According to the Post, the laptop's hard disk contained a wealth of emails, text messages and financial documents, shared between Hunter Biden and his family. These documents showed how Hunter Biden used his political influence in overseas business deals.

    Despite the huge story about President Joe Biden’s son, the corporate media kept silent. Big tech engaged in massive censorship campaigns to stop these stories from spreading.

    The story was linked to Russian intelligence by corporate media, but some organizations completely ignored it. NPR (National Public Radio) famously stated, “We don’t want our time wasted on stories that don’t really matter, and we don’t want the listeners’ and readers’ time spent on stories that don’t actually matter.”

    Twitter even took the initiative to close down the account of the New York Post after the newspaper published the report.

    Corporate media has now acknowledged the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop, more than a year after Joe Biden was elected president. A Wednesday New York Times article about the federal investigation into Hunter Biden stated that “the email and other items in the cache were authenticated” by people familiar with the investigation.

    Rep. Issa's request for a congressional inquiry into corporate media and big tech's handling of the Hunter Biden laptop story came just days after he revealed in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News that Congressional Republicans are “preparing” for a legion of “watchdogs” to “hold the President accountable.”

    Issa stated to Breitbart News, “You have to believe that Congress's other responsibilities pale in comparison with being a watchdog.”


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