Rep. Dina Titus states that she is in “…the worst District of the State Post Redistricting”


    Titus, who will likely face a difficult campaign for reelection in the midterms, told Nevada Newsmakers that the state legislature chose her to represent “the worst” congressional district. Titus claimed that, “after having been the best district, it is now the worst.”

    The congresswoman was unhappy that the district has declined from being a Democrat stronghold, she has been in this seat from 2013 and was also a member of a different district prior to that; now, she will be facing an uphill battle after the socialists gained control over the state's party in 2020. During that time, Judith Whitmer was elected as the state's chair of the party, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), which is a fringe-left offshoot from the party that won the majority of seats.

    “It is interesting… I am the most progressive person in the (federal) delegation, and yet the party has been taken over by the Democratic Socialists. They call themselves socialists,” she said. “The left has targeted certain districts, safe districts so they can win the primary and be home free in the general.” However, they claimed that the general elections would not be such a “breeze.”

    In reality, Titus will also face an opponent from the socialist party, Amy Vilela, who is supported by State leaders of the party, and who are clearly in favor of an emerging and left-leaning candidate in the district. Vilela was the Nevada co-chairperson for Senator Bernie Sanders' (I-VT) presidential bid in 2020.

    Similar to Texas Democrat Rep. Henry Cueller (D-TX), as well as numerous other Democrats this year, Titus is trying to appeal to the left to remain in office. In contrast to the team and socialist candidates, the congresswoman stated that she doesn't believe in defunding police. She also claimed she was in favor of Medicare for all, and “every environmental issue out there,” claiming that she was “one who started all of these renewable-energy portfolio standards, tax breaks and all.”

    However, this isn't the first time that the congresswoman has been a bit upset over how redistricting is conducted. In December, she unleashed her anger on the state legislature along with AFL-CIO union members at the town hall. “I totally got f*** by the Legislature in my district. … I'm sorry to say it like that, but I don't know any other way to say it.” The official clarified that the redistricting has changed the congressional districts that had three seats held by Democrats to being at risk of being impacted during the midterm elections.

    National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) spokesperson Torunn Sinclair took aim at the congresswoman in the early hours of Monday morning, stating, “All her years in Congress have turned Dina Titus into a self-serving, entitled politician. Nevadans deserve a member of Congress who will fight for them, not expect to ‘breeze' into reelection.”



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