Rep. Harris Insists that Title 42 Should Be Broadened to Include the Fentanyl Crisis Triggered by Biden Administration’s Open-Border Policies


    In the Friday edition of Newsmax's “Spicer & Co.,” Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) said that should there be a chance that the Biden Administration “was serious about taking care of the public health of the United States,” it would refuse to accept immigrants infected with the coronavirus. In addition, the administration would “close the southern border” to fight the fentanyl epidemic in the United States. He argued that Title 42 should not be ended but broadened to encompass the fentanyl issue and other communicable diseases.

    Harris stated, “Dr. DesJarlais from Tennessee and myself, we're co-sponsoring a bill that would actually include the fentanyl crisis we're having in this country as coming under Title 42. The bottom line is if this administration was serious about taking care of the public health of the United States, it would turn back all those migrants who might have COVID. It would also close the southern border so that we can try to put an end to this fentanyl crisis we're having.”

    Harris explained the reasoning for the legislation. “Title 42 doesn't cover a fentanyl crisis. It only covers a communicable disease. But clearly, the fentanyl crisis is caused by an open southern border, and we have to close that southern border.”


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