Rep. Ilhan Omar Blasted on Social Media for “Shilling for Iran” after She Stresses the Need to “Finalize the Iran Deal”


    In a tweet posted on Monday, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) highlighted the urgency of negotiating a deal to lift sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran. “We are running out [of] time in making peace in the Middle East and avoiding war,” the Minnesota Muslim congresswoman wrote. “It's time to finalize the Iran deal!”

    Despite her efforts to connect the deal with “making peace,” many accessed social media to criticize her support of and acquiescence to this system of theocracy.

    “Making peace in the Middle East has much more to do with expanding the #AbrahamAccords, allowing Israel to work together with her Arab neighbors on tourism, economic growth & diplomacy, rather than making a bad deal in Vienna to fund the #1 State sponsor of terrorism in the world,” wrote media reporter Joel M. Petlin.

    “Running out of time to make peace in the Middle East? @Ilhan We suggest you google Abraham Accords and stop pushing @NIACouncil's talking points,” wrote Iranian advocacy group Iranian Americans for Liberty (IAL).

    “We had peace in the Middle East, but then you elected Biden,” wrote conservative journalist and writer Chad Greene.

    “On behalf of Iraqis, Syrians, Lebanese, Yemenis, Saudis, Emiratis, Bahrainis, Israelis, Egyptians, Iranians oppressed by their own government and everyone else who is be affected by Irani regime terror, empowering by this agreement, please shut up, !!!” wrote former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan. “Tell me you're a pro-terrorism without telling me you're pro-terrorism,” she wrote in a second tweet.

    “You have no right to talk on behalf of millions in the Middle East, most of them refuse your dirty #IranDeal that will empower Iran's #IRGC–that ruined Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria,” wrote Dr. Nervana Mahmoud, a regional observer and independent journalist regarding Middle East issues. “Shame on you!”

    “Ilhan Omar opposes the #AbrahamAccords and *actual peace* in the Middle East while shilling for Iran,” wrote social-media activist Emily Schrader. “Can't make this up.”

    “Who'd like to support a fundraiser to help @Ilhan realize her lifelong dream of becoming an Iranian citizen?” one Twitter user wrote.

    “Nothing says a stable middle east like giving terrorists nukes,” another person wrote.

    Iran is the most powerful state sponsor of terror in the world and has claimed that it is using nuclear technology solely for energy. However, world leaders, including the six nations who signed the 2015 agreement to limit Iran's nuclear capability, believe that its enrichment of uranium could enable Iran to rapidly develop the capacity to develop a nuclear weapon.

    The nuclear agreement negotiated by President Barack Obama–considered to be extremely unbalanced and skewed by many, which is why then-President Donald Trump withdrew the U.S. from it in 2018–defines an enrichment threshold of 3.67 percent. Iran is accused of violating the accord because Tehran produces more enriched uranium. However, the current talks in Vienna could see the United States and other world powers providing Iran with relief from economic sanctions with the promise of temporary restraints on its nuclear program.

    According to an ex-State Department official, President Joe Biden's upcoming agreement to reopen the Iran nuclear deal gives Iran the opportunity to access $90 billion worth of foreign-currency reserves as well as sanctions relief for the world's most dangerous terrorists. Alongside receiving millions of dollars in cash, the deal is likely to allow Iran to use funds for the purpose of terror and aggression. The agreement will also not stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. The Russian ambassador in discussions on the Iran nuclear talks acknowledged that Tehran “got much more than it could expect” in the latest version of the nuclear agreement.

    Omar has had a track record of controversy. She's been repeatedly accused of being anti-American, antisemitic, and a defender of terrorists. On April 1, Minnesota congresswoman Cicely Davis, a Republican candidate set to challenge Omar, accused Omar of never passing up a chance to “sow division.”

    Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA) blasted Omar in June, after she compared the U.S. and Israel to Hamas terrorists and the Taliban, claiming that she was not fit to be a member of Congress. “Omar is an antisemite who hates America and hates American troops,” he said. “She has no place serving in Congress.”


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