Rep. Michael Waltz Speculates that the Biden Administration Has No Choice but to Disperse the Flow of Illegal Immigrants Throughout the Nation


    In the Tuesday episode of the FOX News Channel's “Fox & Friends First,” Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) declared that immigrants are being dispersed across America. Due to the huge numbers of people who are trying to get into the U.S., the Biden Administration “doesn't have any choice but to try to disperse them in secret all over the country,” and that's the reason why the border problem is a national concern.

    Waltz stated, “Let's just put these numbers in perspective, Carley. We are approaching four million refugees flowing out of Ukraine. Well, in the United States, we're on track to have two million per year flow into the United States. So, the administration doesn't have any choice but to try to disperse them in secret all over the country, and that's why so many of us in Congress are pounding the table saying this isn't a border problem, this is a national crisis. And what does this mean for our social services? What does this mean for our communities having to absorb this many people? This is just absolutely completely unacceptable that the Biden administration is not only allowing this to happen, [but] is facilitating it to happen, and I will tell you what, when we take over the House in, God help us, nine months, this is going to stop.”


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